Attempting to continue the success of a popular TV series by exploring new plotlines, including additional characters or releasing prequels is no new thing. 

Spin-off shows are usually the way to continue the success of a show. But, spin-offs can be pretty hit-and-miss and can vary significantly in success.

Incredibly successful shows like Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad followed this formula and tried to recreate the magic with spin-offs.

The Mayans (Sons of Anarchy), Better call Saul, and El Camino (Breaking Bad) resulted in mixed reviews. Both never reaching the blockbuster heights of the original series. 

Another colossal show which reached astronomical heights of success over recent years is Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones finished airing in 2019 and is arguably the most successful show of all time. To continue that success, it has embarked on the same Spin-off journey with the prequel House of the Dragons, released in August 2022. 

The Focus is on the "Age of Dragons," a period in Westeros when the Targaryen family reigned. House of the Dragon occurs roughly 200 years before Game of Thrones begins. 

Here at TeeShirt City, we're all huge fans of Game of Thrones and were pretty upset when the show ended in 2019. So we're pretty excited about the prequel House of the Dragon, and so far, it hasn't disappointed.  

We like the show so much that we have added our own Game of Thrones TeeShirt Collection to our TeeShirt City store. 

We have some fantastic Game of Thrones designs. From the Lavish Lannisters to the Tyrannical Tygargens, so come on in, pick your house, wear your sigil with pride and show your allegiance when watching the new show House of the Dragon. 

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